Culture Jamming - Bz Akira Santjago

We will take on the archetypal mind polluters and beat them at their own game. We will uncool their billion-dollar images; We will culture jam the pop culture marketeers and bring their image factories to a sudden, shuddering halt. On the rubble of the old media culture, we will build a new one with a non-commercial heart and soul. We intend to culture jam the destructive, consumer paradigms that rule our lives in order to save the forests, the air we breathe and the clarity of our own minds. Television-hijacking, petitions, letter writing campaigns, subvertisements, uncommercials, billboard corrections, monkey-wrenching, networking and pontification; Culture Jamming is an intriguing form of political communication that has emerged in response to the commercial isolation of public life.Culture jams refigure logos, fashion statements, and product images to challenge the idea of "what's cool," along with assumptions about the personal freedoms of consumption.