The Tong Wars - Bz Akira Santjago

La musica è una riscrittura/rielaborazione della famosa canzone Kashmir dei Led Zeppelin; Il tema della videomusica è quello delle società segrete e quindi della creazione di una nuova società segreta diversa e in opposizione a quelle che sono al potere, che ci dominano e che decidono delle nostre vite; La società segreta dell'Umanità, una società segreta non gererchica e libera dove il concetto di segretezza è sostituito da quello di non visto (in senso mediatico), non pubblico, non catodico, che è fatta di vita reale non mediata,di sudore, pelle.. e che si basa sull'aiuto reciproco, sulla generosità, la condivisione, la parità tra individui unici, il gioco, la creatività libera...

"Among other things, the Tong should be a work of art; unseen retains its reality, its rootedness in everyday life & therefore in the possibility of the marvelous. (a) avoiding publicity; (b) Non-hierarchic organization;

Most modern people seem unable to believe in the reality of something they never see on television —therefore to escape being televisualized is already to be quasi-invisible.

the modern Tong will find it both necessary & enjoyable to seize back free time from the commodity world & devote it to shared creation, to play.

that is, a small group which exercises power over non-insiders for its own aggrandizement. Immediatism does not concern itself with power-relations;— it desires neither to be ruled nor to rule. The contemporary Tong therefore finds no pleasure in the degeneration of institutions into conspiracies. It wants power for its own purposes of mutuality. It is a free association of individuals who have chosen each other as the subjects of the group’s generosity, its “expansiveness” (to use a sufi term).

a cloak of invisibility that will have to be dropped only in the event of some final showdown with the Babylon of Mediation....

nuclei of mutually-self-chosen allies, working (playing) to occupy more & more time & space outside all mediated structure & control. Then it will want to become a horizontal network of such autonomous groups—then, a “tendency” —then, a “movement”—& then, a kinetic web of “temporary autonomous zones...

In the old days secret societies would appear in times & spaces forbidden by the State, i.e. where & when people are kept apart by law. In our times people are usually not kept apart by law but by mediation & alienation (see Part 1, “Immediatism”). Secrecy therefore becomes an avoidance of mediation, while conviviality changes from a secondary to a primary purpose of the “secret society.” Simply to meet together face-to-face is already an action against the forces which oppress us by isolation, by loneliness, by the trance of media.

Prepare for the Tong Wars!" Hakim Bey